Welcome to Boho Tranquility Co

Formally "Boho Tranquility Creations"

My name is Kay (she/her) & I am the sole founder + owner + creator of Boho Tranquility Co.
I thought I'd stop by & let you know a little bit more about the face behind the madness + chaos, my brand & how we came to be! 
Firstly, lets get to know ME! 
I currently work full-time as a Disability Support Worker & live in a small country town in NSW with my partner & our little family of fury children. 
Things I love:
Animals (specifically horses & dogs), horse riding, coffee (seriously, I'm the definition of Lorelai Gilmore), food, gaming, binge watching TV shows (mainly crime/true crime or supernatural/sci-fi), crystals (Moss Agate is my vibe) & plants (rare & variegated).
I also do a little work with website development + graphic design. I've helped many businesses build their website, logo, business cards + so much more.
I've always had a strong affinity for the earth. I feel most grounded & at peace with myself when I am out amongst nature; with all its flora & fauna.
About Boho Tranquility Co:
Boho Tranquility Co is a small home aroma + home decor + crystal business located in a small country town in NSW. We strive to create products that help people through each emotion, day & season, while also remaining as non-toxic & environment friendly as possible. What is good for you, is good for your home. 
During the midst of the world's pandemic - I lost my job & found myself stuck at home. It was during this time while finding things to do that would not only keep me entertained but would also serve a purpose to me & my home, that I fell in love with the process of candle making. Believe it or not, I found that making candles was also incredibly therapeutic which was definitely needed during a time that caused so much anxiety & depression in my life. It's amazing how certain scents can affect someone's mood + emotions, or how specific smells can instantly trigger a memory.
From here, I had family & friends wanting in on my candles. Somewhere in between gifting my candles to close family + friends, that Boho Tranquility Co was born. 
Fast forward a couple years; I'm now juggling a small business that is found on the shelves of many shops + salons located all over Australia whilst now also working full-time & I couldn't be happier.
Side note: I still have the very first candle I ever made!